Revision of the Andalusian Spatial Development Plan. A call for citizen participation.

03 April 2024
plan de ordeancion urbana

On 26 March 2024, an important milestone for Andalusia was marked with the publication in the BOJA of the Resolution of 15 March 2024, which initiates the public information process of the Draft Decree for the revision of the Spatial Development Plan of Andalusia (POTA). This process invites citizens to submit their contributions until 18 April 2024, offering a period of fifteen working days to participate in the future territorial development of Andalusia.

1.- Importance of the revision of the POTA:

The proposed Draft Decree is fundamental for defining the guidelines and objectives that will guide the future drafting of the POTA, establishing a territorial reference framework for planning and public action in Andalusia. Law 7/2021, LISTA, highlights the need for this revision in order to adapt territorial planning to the current reality, promoting a more sustainable and balanced development.

2.- Objectives of the Draft Decree:

2.1.- Promotion of Rural Development:

One of the most important general objectives is the promotion of rural development, seeking a balance between urban and rural areas. This approach aims to reverse the trends of population concentration in urban and coastal areas, promoting the revitalisation of rural areas historically affected by depopulation.

2.2.- Valuation of Green Infrastructure:

Another essential objective is the valuation of green infrastructure and ecosystem services, in order to promote biodiversity and ecosystem health. The creation of a network of natural and semi-natural spaces will contribute to the ecological functionality of the territory, favouring a more sustainable development.

2.3.- Citizen participation:

Citizen participation in this public information process is crucial to define the future of the Andalusian territory. Citizens are invited to contribute their ideas and proposals, ensuring that the POTA reflects the needs and aspirations of citizens.

For those interested in further information on sustainable development, environment, landscape and urban planning, it is recommended to consult the Andalusian Strategy for Sustainable Development 2030.

This is a crucial moment for Andalusia, and citizen participation in this public information process is fundamental to shape the future of Andalusia’s territory.

Written by


Pérez de Vargas Ruedas

tel-blue [email protected]

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